Computer And Information Technology

These days the world as it was known 50 years ago has experience a very fast magnitude of changes. The world has become a global village due to one device known as COMPUTER. What then is a computer?

COMPUTER is an electronic device that processes meaningless information into a form that is understandable or meaningful. This 21st century is often called the computer age or the computer world due to the dominion of the computer in all aspects of work in this world of ours. These days is very surprising to see a 4 year old child manipulating the computer as if he’s a grown up. These days, many works requires computer qualification aside the university qualification. This is very clear that a time is coming when without a little knowledge in computer; this world will become an unhappy place for you to live. Now let’s talk about some importance of computer. These days gaming mouse are also very good. There are some studies which shows gaming mouse reviews and they are really good.

  • It speeds up work: These days, computer plays essential role in the day to day life activities by speeding up work. For example, a Microsoft excel can perform multi calculations at a time without you spending judicious time calculating it one after the other.
  • It makes work easy: With the help of computers now work which seems to be tough these days have become easy when it comes to its execution. With the example I cited on the Microsoft excel, a student does not need to waste precious time calculating one after the other but putting everything in a an excel sheet gives the answer very fast. Isn’t that easy?



Information we say, is very precious. The world and business wouldn’t function effectively without information. How can someone use a visa or master card from a bank to cash money at a different bank other than that bank in which the card was issued from? All these have become possible due to information technology. What then is information technology?

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is the use of computers and other electronic devices to store, retrieve, send and receive information on various fields of work via the internet. This is very possible as a result of the internet and it enhances smooth running of businesses. Information technology is a sort of networking. Below are some of the importance of information technology.

  • IT HELPS IN WIDENING THE KNOWLEDGE OF STUDENTS: Through information technology, students are able to access all kinds of information that is very relevant and vital in their studies. Through information technology, students get answers to the questions bothering them in their studies.
  • LARGER MARKET IN THE FIELD OF BUSINESS: Due to information technology, the world has now gotten a large market orientation. For instance, someone can be in India and buy goods in china and will be delivered at his or her door stairs. Isn’t that good? Absolutely, yes.

In conclusion, computer and information technology is very essential because it binds up the world together and it makes studies and living very easy and accessible.